Innovatech Law Firm

Legal Services

  • Licensing, Technology Transfer, and Intellectual Property

    Drafting and negotiation at national and international level of:

    Technology transfer agreements

    License agreements

    Development agreements

    Co-development agreements

    Collaboration agreements

    Consortium agreements

    Co-ownership agreements

    Assignment of rights of authors or / and inventors

    Protection of software, trademarks and patents

    Agreements with companies and institutions for preclinical studies

    Agreements with CROs and hospitals for clinical trials (phase 1, 2 and 3)

  • Venture Capital and Mergers and Acquisitions

    Incorporation and legal support of investment funds

    Incorporation and legal support of management companies

    Regulations of the investment funds

    Bylaws of management companies


    Investment agreements

    Shareholders’ agreements

    Acquisitions of companies and businesses

    Revenue-related and ordinary loans

    Other investment modalities at national and international level

  • Commercial and Company Law

    Tasks and responsibilities as Secretary of the Board of Directors

    Drafting and negotiation of distribution agreements

    Drafting and negotiation of agency agreements

    Drafting and negotiation of confidentiality agreements

    Drafting of Bylaws

    Incorporation of companies

    Advice to investors, entrepreneurs, managers, general directors and shareholders

  • Data Protection

    Personal data protection

    Application of European General Data Protection Regulation

    Drafting of security documents

    Drafting documentation regarding information, consent and exercise of rights

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