Clients’ Profile and Testimonials

Clients Profile and Testimonios of Innnovatech Law Firm Barcelona

Clients’ Profile

Our clients range from start-ups and investors (business angels, venture capital, and others), public entities and research institutions, to medium-sized and large companies. We advise companies located in Spain with national and international projects as well as international companies located abroad having identified interests in Spain or in Latin America. We also offer a network of specialized partners having a broad range of expertise in Spain and internationally.



Bioncotech Therapeutics

Bioncotech, client of Innovatech Law Firm Barcelona

Innovatech Law Firm has been providing legal advice to Bioncotech since 2010 and we can definitely give an excellent feedback about their work and effort to provide us with the maximum value. Our collaboration with the Managing Partner Javier Merino has been really productive. It is especially valuable for us that he has a significant experience in the area of Biotechnology as well as their personalized treatment, that makes our work with them very efficient. We have been successfully collaborating with Innovatech Law Firm in such areas as financial rounds with private investors, coordination of Board and Shareholder’ Meetings, license agreements, etc. Without doubts we recommend Innovatech Law Firm as a reliable legal advisor.

Damià Tormo

Managing Partner


Era Biotech


We have had the pleasure to work with Innovatech Law Firm since 2004. During all this time we had plenty of positive and rewarding experiences with this legal advisor. They have been helping us with a full range of commercial issues such as financial rounds with private investors, venture capital, institutional investors and international investment funds, coordination of Board and Shareholders´ Meetings, draft and negotiation of commercial agreements, etc. By providing us with very personalized legal support specializing in biotechnology, Innovatech Law Firm has become more than just a legal adviser for us. Thanks to the broad experience of its founder and managing partner, Javier Merino, we have also received legal advice on strategic matters. We definitely recommend Innovatech Law Firm as a reliable partner.

Miriam Bastida

Founder and Managing Director


Barcelona Emprèn

Barcelona Empren

As an investor I had a pleasure to work with Innovatech Law Firm in affiliated companies of software, industrial patents and biotechnology since 2003. He has helped us with negotiation of investment and shareholders’ agreements, mergers and acquisitions, and as a Secretary of the Board of affiliated companies. I really appreciate their efficiency, creativity, personalized approach, and ability to work in a timely manner. I would definitely give a strong recommendation to this Law Firm in such areas of practice.

Cristian Fernandez

Board Member and General Manager


Intelligent Software Components

iSOCO Logo

I have been working with Innovatech Law Firm for ten years and I can definitely say that this law firm is an excellent resource to tackle the legal issues. They are extremely energetic, committed and able to find the right solution for their clients. Due to Innovatech Law Firm´s dedication, we had a high quality and reliable legal support in the expansion of our products and brand both nationally and internationally. We are also very happy with their follow-up of our commercial issues: agreements with clients, licensing, services, investments, General Shareholders´ Meetings and Board of Directors. All such work is always very well organized by them. One of the roles that I like most is that Innovatech Law Firm is specializing in Industrial and Intellectual Property issues, which are really important in our sector of Software Development. The contribution of Innovatech Law Firm really adds value to our business.

Javier Arostegui

Managing Director